giovedì 29 settembre 2011

Candids 28 Settembre



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  1. What's on my mind30 settembre 2011 19:02

    Did you see guys the belly?? I do!
    Hil: You see it?
    Mike: You look skinny as ever! :D
    Hil: You don't see it?? D:
    Mike: Maybe but i've been conditioned over time to say "you look skinny as ever" and that's what i'm going with!
    Hil: Damn it Mike! Tell me i'm fat!!!
    Mike: Nice, look how fat you are! :D
    Hil: D: Shut up, Mike!
    ahah btw i see it! :D:D:D oh and Hilary, you look skinny as ever! ;D;D Luv Ya!!!

  2. No, anyhow, she's FAT!!!!!


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